Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2012 goes to Australia

Imagine Cup 2012 Australia

Microsoft Australia recently announced that it had won the bid to host the 2012 Imagine Cup competition finals in Sydney. Australia will host the world’s brightest students as they

“Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems.

“Imagine Cup is all about harnessing the power of ‘what if’. Thanks to technology, we now have the power to bring that ‘what if’ to life in ways previously unimagined.” said

Pip Marlow– Managing Director, Microsoft Australia.

“We have seen the brightest smartest talent ever this year and, in hosting the tournament here in Australia next year, we hope that continued breakthrough ideas like these will, in turn, help inspire a new generation of inventors and imagine-makers. We have the brightest and smartest talent in Australia, and in hosting the championships here next year, we hope to help inspire a new generation of student inventors and imagine-makers.” Pip added.

More than 400 student finalists, from 100 countries will gather in Sydney to compete with the best among the world, showcasing their genius works that harness imagination and technology. Imagine Cup brings together the cream of the crop of the world’s future. Business Events Sydney has been working on this bid with Microsoft Australia since 2008.

“We are proud to have worked with Microsoft on the bid for 2012 Imagine Cup. It’s a great opportunity to showcase Sydney globally. The competition provides a platform to exchange ideas, stimulate creativity and make valuable connections for the future. What better place for this event than Sydney, Australia.” said Jon Hutchison, Chief Executive Officer of BESydney.

Imagine Cup 2012 Promo



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